Customer information

SEPA aims to provide an efficient and integrated environmental protection system for Scotland; a system that will both improve the environment and help deliver the Scottish Government’s overall purpose to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth.  

SEPA supports the principles of good regulation. We wish to be a firm, fair and effective regulator, listening to businesses and the public and continuously improving our services to make sure that Scotland has the best environment, while also encouraging economic growth.

The following sections of our website provide information and links to online resources for our customers. The information is categorised by industry sector. There is also a section for members of the public, as well as a section for the public sector organisations that we work closely with to protect the environment.

Advice for every type of business is available from NetRegs – a free environmental guidance service that aims to help companies comply with environmental law and give their business a competitive advantage. As well contributing to the protection of Scotland’s environment, good practice often leads to cost reductions, especially through resource efficiency and the money saved by avoiding fines:

We also have a Customer Services Directory that lists the services available from us and how you can access them.